Day 1: Feelings

What I am listening to: To Watch the World Spin Without You by Mon Rovia

What I am reading: Speaking From the Heart by 18 Languages for Modern Love

What I am learning: Giving my brain a rest.

Current Hyperfixation: Bullet Journal

Growing up, my family tended to ignore or downplay my feelings. But in the past year, I've been consciously trying to better understand and manage my emotions. Although I wouldn't call myself highly emotional, I've become more compassionate toward how others feel and more aware of my social circle. I've realized that my ability to handle others' emotions may be limited due to my introversion or ADHD. Still, I'm determined to continue learning and growing in this area of my life.

 The assumption is that everyone enjoys positive feelings. However, I have difficulty being positive with others due to several factors. Emotionally, I have learned to be positive or negative based on several factors. I am learning this is likely due to being asexual and having difficulty caring for people who have lied to me or keep breaking promises. This may also be based on my mother's repeated letdowns in childhood. She would make promises and break them. 

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