Day 2: Gratitude

What I am listening to: Trade It for the Night by HAEVN

What I am reading: Speaking From the Heart by 18 Languages for Modern Love

What I am learning: Giving my brain a rest.

Current Hyperfixation: Bullet Journal

I practice gratitude, but it is easy to forget to be grateful for what we have, so I will name the top ten things I am grateful for so far this year. I am not going to give the reason because some of the things I am not ready to be posting about. 

Mental health care

My family

A place to live

Ability to pay bills

Learning more about myself

Better sleep

Time to focus on school

Paying off my phone

Advocating for myself at school

Internet (I lost the internet for 12 hours and know it is a first-world problem, but I was dying.)

I do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but every year in November, I focus on gratitude; that will also be the case this year.

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