Day 3: Goals

What I am listening to: Smells Like Teen Spirit by Daisy Gray.

What I am reading: Speaking From the Heart by 18 Languages for Modern Love

What I am learning: Terrorism Studies FreeBook

Current Hyperfixation: Shopping (have to get that together)

Setting goals is an essential aspect of completing tasks. I have learned this is even more important when having ADHD. It is also vital (I am learning) to have realistic goals; in my case, whatever I think I can do should be halved. I overestimate what I can do in the time given. 

Goals allow me to focus efforts and energy on specific objectives, which can lead to increased motivation and achievement (checklist help). My goals also help me to measure progress and celebrate successes (still working on this one), which boosts self-confidence and self-esteem.  My biggest goal is to complete my Ph.D. This comprises smaller tasks and being compassionate with myself when delays or failures accrue.

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