Day 4: Current Challenge (Venting)

What I am listening to: Numb (Chill Mix) by Elderbrook

What I am reading: Terrorism Studies FreeBook

What I am learning: Terrorism Studies

Current Hyperfixation: Bullet Journal

My boyfriend is a cheater and a liar. I will never understand why people cannot just end relationships and think playing around with others' lives is okay. I have a hard time with liars, so to be going through this is infuriating. I was very open when we got together that if he wanted out, just say that. No, he does not want out, he wants to do and have everything, and I refuse to be a part of that. To add insult to injury, he also tries to play mind games to isolate me from my family. It will not work, so I don’t know why he is trying. I guess that is what happens when you have the delusion of thinking you are the smartest one in the room.

Thanks for letting me vent. Sometimes, you just have to get it out.

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