Day 5: 5 of my Hopes and Dreams


What I am listening to: something in the Orange by Zach Bryan 

What I am reading: World Politics Journal 

What I am learning: Terrorism Studies

Current Hyperfixation: Bullet Journal

1 Finish my Ph.D.: I am near the end, but the dissertation, mixed with my ADHD and dyslexia, makes it a more difficult task.

2 Move out of the US: I would like to move to Africa, but I do not like where women and LGBTQIA+ rights stand. So I'll likely move somewhere in Europe.

3 Live a simple life with my son: self-explanatory. 

4 Work for WHO or a similar organization: I would like to work with any organization with a significant focus on mental health. I wish the CDC had a division focused solely on mental health.

5 Create an organization that aids Black mothers and children: this is one of my biggest goals. Black mothers and children are essential, and with the history of slavery, poverty, and racism take a toll on mothers, which affects their children.

Bonus: I would love to open a mental health retreat facility or a coffee shop. It's funny because I get this far into my education and am considering opening a coffee shop.

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