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I saw a video of a Gen Xxer talking about how gen x partnered and had children was related to their ability to gain the upper hand via government and other agency support. She also spoke about how this impacted them as parents or, in my family's case, the lack of parenting.

As a child, too, and dating a Gen Xer, I am getting some insight, and it sucks. My boyfriend and I cannot agree on parenting, and I even feel like my BF gives the bare minimum, and there is always a reason why he cannot step up. I saw this same behavioral pattern in my mother. She could not do better because of her mom, trauma, and mental illness. I am not disregarding the impact of trauma and mental illness, but I also have trauma and mental illness, and I would never parent the way my mother did.

In reality, my older sister raised my siblings and me, which is why many older Millenials do not have children and resent their parents. How did their wanting children turn into the oldest child's responsibility? I also saw in her video creator comments other Gen Xers were saying they were not like that, but the fact is most don't think they are like that, but here we have Millenials and older gen z trying to heal from their parents. From my experience, most Boomers and gen x have messed up their children. These two generations parented from a selfish place and now what younger generations to overcome it. We could get over it if they would take accountability.

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